Dampen your organization’s feast or famine cycles with Carv.

Dynamic Pricing

$0.20 per booked project hour.
Your fee adjusts up and down with your pipeline.

  Connect sales and resourcing teams
  Add project models to sales opportunities
  Executive-level resourcing forecasts
  Productize services with project templates
  Project and firm-level resource management

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Why charge per hour?

Usage-based fees offer two unique advantages:

Your company’s monthly fee is a direct reflection of the additional revenue Carv brings your organization, increasing only when your billable hours also increase.

Your company's monthly fee scales perfectly with usage. If revenue decreases, the fee scales down accordingly, reducing overhead when it’s needed most.

How does the free trial work?
Everyone gets to model their first 5,000 project hours free!

How does billing work?
Monthly fees are calculated by multiplying the number of scheduled project hours occurring in the four-week period after the billing date by $0.20. Payments may be made using all major credits cards.
A block of hours can be purchased in advance, if preferred. Please contact to learn more.

Where does Carv fit in my app-infrastructure?
Carv is the missing link that merges your company’s existing CRM data with existing project management data, presenting highly-intuitive data visualizations of projects, assignments, and resources. This makes collaboration between resourcing and sales teams easy throughout the sales cycles.

Why should resourcing and sales teams collaborate?
Projects details are most malleable early in the sales cycle. By enabling collaboration between these teams earlier, the salesperson will have more opportunities to lead the sale based on a resource manager’s insights.

Why does Carv use curves to model assignments?
Contributions to projects are not linear. Curves allow you to easily account for ramp periods, steady states and random events like waiting for client feedback. Using swim lanes, calendar views or Gantt charts are messy ways to model the impact of these realities on workloads.

How does Carv handle integrations?
We are prioritizing and building integrations with CRMs, time trackers and project management suites based on customer requests. If you need an integration, contact our team at
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