We charge per resource hour so costs scale perfectly with your company. A resource hour is an hour of a business' capacity to execute projects. One resource (employee) typically provides 40 resource hours per week to your capacity, which would result in $4 paid to Carv when your resourcing is optimized.

AND our fees decreases after we've helped you achieve optimal resourcing. We call it double-positive reinforcement. 

Here's exactly how it works:

Your company's resourcing is optimized when: 

  • 75-85% of total capacity is billable/utilized. (happy employees)

Your company's resourcing is SubOptimal when:  

  • <75% or >85% of total capacity is billable/utilized. (bored/insecure vs. overwhelmed employees)

Estimate Your Fee

Weekly Capacity
*Total hours your project team(s) can collective work.

Project Hours
*Total hours expensed directly to projects

Your Results:

Utilzation Rate

Price SubOptimal

Price Optimal



Example: HoneyDigital

Resourcing Chart.png


1300    Project Hours DIVIDED BY

1600    Total Capacity EQUALS

81%      Utilization



1600    Total Capacity TIMES

$0.06    Optimized Rate EQUALS




What features come with this price?

Why is optimal utilization between 75% and 85%?

What data is used in calculating the fee?

Howe frequently am I billed?